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There is no other convention out there like Legacy!

Legacy is a dance convention focused on the dancer. We provide REAL training for dancers relevant to today's dance culture. Training in technique, the history of hip hop, and career development for dancers and the parents helping them get to their next! 

Legacy was created to inspire dancers to break through boundaries and career molds by discovering and developing their [dance] legacy.  

Dancers, you will be PUSHED beyond your limits, and you will leave equipped with the tools to become a successful working dancer in an industry that is ever changing. Our goal is that you will walk away from this weekend inspired to go above and beyond the call of being just a dancer. 


What is your dance legacy? What will you be remembered for? Legacy is one stepping stone to helping you answer these questions and much more! 

Let us help you create a life worth dancing for ... and it all begins with training. 


What They're Saying

Chris Brown, Usher, & Resident Faculty @ Legacy
Choreographer, Director, & Studio Owner
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